Copywriter, Arabic speaking (KSA)

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Localização: Angola

Categorias: Marketing, Public Relations, Writing/Editing

Indústria: Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Goods, Retail

Descrição da Vaga: Job Description

Position Summary:PAGE-BREAKThe Copywriter works closely with art directors and other creative team members to conceptualize and develop integrated solutions for clients and internal projects, as needed. A storyteller, the Copywriter is responsible for developing and executing creative ideas with a keen focus on language, script writing, tone of voice, and narratives. This position requires an attuned connection to societal and cultural trends, and must stay current on messaging pertaining to brand positioning and public sentiment.PAGE-BREAKPAGE-BREAKPrimary Responsibilities:PAGE-BREAKConcept ideas with strong and versatile language integration that supports the strategic and creative vision of the projectPAGE-BREAKPivot creative direction on projects with comfort and easePAGE-BREAKBalance multiple work streams effectivelyPAGE-BREAKOwn and drive original ideas with strong script writing, tone of voice, narrative, tactical copy and manifestosPAGE-BREAKParticipate in and navigate across design processesPAGE-BREAKDuring post-production workflows, assist on all script-centric details and output, fromPAGE-BREAKvoice-over, to music and editsPAGE-BREAKPartner effectively with all team members across the agency, including strategy, production, account management and operationsPAGE-BREAKContribute to business development processes and pitchesPAGE-BREAKRequirements:PAGE-BREAK2-4 Years of experience in copywriter positionsPAGE-BREAKProficiency in layout, photo, typography, graphics, color and design sensibilitiesPAGE-BREAKAbility to develop a creative idea that is on brief and sellablePAGE-BREAKYou have strong verbal skills, both in Arabic & English.PAGE-BREAKExcellent communication skills, both written and verbalPAGE-BREAKSelf-motivated and sees potential in all projectsPAGE-BREAKSeeks feedback and is open to constructive critiquePAGE-BREAKConstantly seek to overdeliverPAGE-BREAKExcellent time management skills; can work across 2-3 projects simultaneouslyPAGE-BREAKProficiency in Adobe Suite and KeynotePAGE-BREAKPAGE-BREAKPAGE-BREAK