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Angola, Nehlsen’s first steps abroad

Tailoring equipment and services to the clients’ demand, was one of the reasons why our client in Angola choose the Nehlsen company Rodiek & Co. GmbH as supplier for vehicles, containers, spare parts etc. and as management consultant while implementing a new collection system for the city of Luanda. Besides the supply of collection equipment, Rodiek equipped the workshops and trained employees in Angola and Germany.

The long lasting relationship between our clients and Rodiek – the first activities began in 1988 – enabled Nehlsen to establish a branch in Angola, Nehlsen Ambiente Angola, now providing services to both municipal and industrial clients.

Covering the entire range of waste management relating activities from consultancy to service provisions, Nehlsen Ambiente Angola is committed to transfer experience and expertise to its Angolan clients.  

Waste solutions and recycling

Your partner in environmental economy!

Treatment and conditioning of waste for production of energy

  • Biogas
  • Alternative fuels

Collection and reintroduction of secondary raw materials in the production process

  • PPK
  • Plastics
  • Used oils
  • Electronic scrap
  • Refrigeration appliances
  • Special waste

A commitment to the Angolan nation since 1988. Now more present and closer with Nehlsen Ambiente Angola Lda.

Created to build a sustainable future with the transfer of knowledge and know-how to younger generations.


Rental equipment:

  • As a replacement
  • For temporary needs
  • Without investment of capital
  • No maintenance costs
  • Insurance included
  • With proven German reliability


  • Garbage collection trucks new and used
  • Suction trucks new and used
  • Plastic and metal containers
  • Spare parts for cars
  • Workshop equipment
  • Tires and wearing parts

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