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About Company

Saipem is an advanced technological and engineering platform for the design, construction and operation of complex, safe and sustainable infrastructures and plants.


We value our projects thanks to the ingenuity of everyone and the different cultures of each; we ground them responsibly, having the safety of people and the environment at heart; we carry them out with the utmost commitment to build trusting relationships with customers.


Always oriented towards technological innovation, today Saipem is committed to supporting its clients on the frontier of the energy transition with assets, technologies and processes that are increasingly digital and oriented towards environmental sustainability.

For decades Saipem has been a world leader in the design and construction of offshore installations, of any size, up to the largest in the world, such as fixed and mobile platforms, seabed hydrocarbon extraction control systems and subsea hydrocarbon transportation pipelines.

Our growth in the sector has been possible thanks to our strategy of acquiring other companies of excellence in the offshore sector, such as Bouygues, which is why our competent division is based in Saint Quentin en Yvelines in France, and also to the continuous technological innovation that makes us already capable of developing fields at the bottom of the sea (at depths of over 3000 meters) with our own subsea robotics developed mainly in our centre in Marghera.

Working side by side with our clients we are an essential partner in every stage of development of their projects: from process and structural engineering to logistics planning, from procurement to plant construction, from maintenance, modification and operation activities (better known as MMO) to decommissioning.
And we are always working to increase our extraordinary abilities and our global presence.



Fabrication yards have an essential role within EPCI projects. They allow to optimize every single stage of the project and represent a strategic asset for Saipem.

Saipem Yards are located in four continents. Each one has its own distinctive specialization and features. Fabrication yards are run successfully thanks to the mobility of our personnel, transfer of know how, best practices and systems. This ensures the highest level of competence in every single fabrication site, and a well established ability to locally manage the wide range of challenges that developing countries present.

Saipem Yards are located in key oil areas and they cooperate with local players contributing to the development of the local economies.


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